Top 7 Trends of 2017

Oversized 70’s Look – Big shades are back and they are bigger and badder than ever. Moving away from the oversized cartoonish look that had been dominating fashion lately these models are more refined and sophisticated, think Sharon Stone in Casino.

Perfect for a Sunday brunch with the squad and fantastic when paired with the appropriate large hat, adding any of these retro inspired models to your wardrobe will put you on the forefront of today’s style movement.

The Kurt Cobain – Everything 90’s is hip again especially for those who didn’t live through this the first time around. The “Cobain” look usually refers to Kurt’s iconic roundish white sunglasses, which do not necessarily have to go with ripped jeans and a grungy rock t-shirt but good jeans, good shades and cool T can definitely bring out the rock star in you.

The Round – Fashion has a way of coming back around again yet some pieces never leave the looking good lexicon. More John Lennon/Black Beatle ish then the dreaded Harry Potter look these frames have a timeless appeal that can be dressed up when you feel like stepping up and out or kept casual when you want to keep it on the low low.

The Minimalist – Less is more with these frames, if you saw the Kendrick Lamar Humble video and with 413 million views last year most of y’all did, then you may have noticed Kdot rocking some rimless frames in the final scenes. Classy metals and completely rimless or semi rimless frames will help you get your grown man or woman on whenever you like.

The Square Cat Eye – Every and anything goes here with these sunnies. Breaking the rules of geometry and shape the strong upswept feature of these designs are the major factor that sets them apart. Not your mama or grandma’s cat’s eye these stunnas will show everyone who is number 1 in 2018.

The Shield – Long regarded as the ultimate in high fashion the shield can be one of the fiercest looks to pull off especially if you are Grace Jones or Brigitte Nielsen. With these modern updates to the shape you can hide your face and leave the rest of the world and paparazzi guessing just who it is hidden behind those fantastic frames.

The Tinted Lens – A favourite of the Hollywood set for years these are starting to permeate through pop culture at a rapid rate. Check out the oversized indoor tints Conor McGregor was wearing during the hype before his fight with Floyd Mayweather or anything Robert Downey Jr has worn on a red carpet in the last 5 years. These tints are not only fashion forward but can help brighten up your life because who doesn’t want to look at the world through rose colored lenses.

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