Quay Australia x Kylie Jenner II

Kylie Jenner comes back with Quay Australia to release her second collab of limited edition shades. The collection features a more 80s 90s attitude.

Shields are becoming more and more popular especially with the help of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Look Unbothered with these space-age vibes with the option of a mint-reflective or non-reflective lenses.

Bring out the 90s femme fatale with these transparent shades with matching lenses. A contemporary take on the cat-eye, these shades are available in 3 different colour ways- pink, crystal purple or yellow.

The 20’s are in our opinion the one that gives you the most attitude and sass to your look. The Bridget Bardot look is classic and elegant while giving a bold statement to your aesthetic. Available in black with grey zero-base lens or white with gold mirrored lens.

Aviators were the BIGGEST trend of Summer ’17 and Kylie got this one perfect. These shades call for a year-round Grand Prix luxe party. Choose either black, silver or gold and you’re bound to get a lot of questions about these.

Shields, shields, shields. Another huge trend we saw this summer. With reflective pink or non-reflective black lens, people will never know what you’re up to behind the shades. If North West can scream “No photos please” at the paparazzi, so can you with these on.

People will literally feel Star Struck when these on. The Old Hollywood cat eye provides a unique matte transparent finish in rose pink, olive green, and grey smoke.

Strike a pose with these minimalistic supermodel vibes. Designed with a geometric shape, Purple Honey will dress up your look. This minimalistic aesthetic are perfect for those with smaller to medium shaped faces. These gold frames give you the option of green, purple or matching gold lenses.

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